FinTech in 2020: Five Global Trends to Watch
CB Insights in partnership with Mastercard Start Path
July 2021
Conoce cómo Mastercard está adoptando el cambio y fomentando el crecimiento de Fintechs en Latam

Specifically, this report looks at FinTech trends and companies in five geographies:

  • North  America: FinTech startups in North America are enabling any startup to become a FinTech company
  • Europe: The biggest European FinTech winners are now looking to acquire customers abroad
  • Asia  Pacific: Well-funded Southeast Asian startups are in an arms race to become the next super-app
  • Latin  America  and  the Caribbean: FinTech startups in Latin America are lending to underserved consumers and SMBs
  • Middle East  and  Africa: FinTech startups in Africa are enabling online and offline payments