Open banking World Congress, Marbella

Sunday, April 24, 2022
8:00 am
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We are pleased to be strategic partners of this year's Open Banking World Congress hosted by @Open Future World which takes place in Marbella on 24-25 May.

The event will showcase the best in open banking thought leadership as well as the latest open finance commercial and strategic insights.

If you can't make it to Spain, there's also a FREE virtual agenda featuring special interviews and exclusive content.


2:00 pm
Latam Top Fintech Influencer 🇨🇴
2:05 pm
Let's understand the market of payments in LAC and the innovation opportunities it brings
VP Fintech & Enablers, LAC @Mastercard
2:20 pm
How to be a player in the payments ecosystem?
Latam Top Fintech Influencer 🇨🇴
3:00 pm
How to engage with Mastercard? Part I
VP Fintech & Enablers, LAC @Mastercard
3:20 pm
Reverse Pitch: Enablers to consider for your business
CEO @ Swap 🇧🇷
CCO & Co-Founder @ Pomelo 🇦🇷
Chief Business Officer @ Tutuka
SVP Business Development @ Galileo-FT
4:00 pm
Fireside Chat: The Second Generation of Fintech in Latam
CEO @ N26 Brazil 🇧🇷
4:30 pm
How to engage with Mastercard? Part II
VP Fintech & Enablers, LAC @Mastercard
4:50 pm
Close remarks
Latam Top Fintech Influencer 🇨🇴
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open banking world congress 2022
The Open Banking World Congress 2022 is HOT! We're meeting, bonding, debating, agreeing on creating value from open finance possibilities now.
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