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Future of Fintech in Latam

Tuesday, March 28, 2023
3:00 pm
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Join us for an exciting webinar on the future of finance in Latin America. There will be two expert speakers, Edwin Zácipa from Latam Fintech Hub and Diego Tovar from Ubanku, who will share their insights about the latest trends and innovations shaping the financial industry in the region.

​During the webinar, you will learn about the challenges and opportunities facing the finance sector in Latam, and how technology is transforming the way financial services are delivered. Our speakers will discuss the role of fintech startups in driving financial inclusion, and the impact of digital currencies and blockchain on the future of money.

​Whether you are a fintech entrepreneur, a finance professional, or simply interested in the future of finance in Latam, this webinar is not to be missed! Register now to secure your spot and gain valuable insights from our expert speakers.

2:00 pm
Latam Top Fintech Influencer 🇨🇴
2:05 pm
Let's understand the market of payments in LAC and the innovation opportunities it brings
VP Fintech & Enablers, LAC @Mastercard
2:20 pm
How to be a player in the payments ecosystem?
Latam Top Fintech Influencer 🇨🇴
3:00 pm
How to engage with Mastercard? Part I
VP Fintech & Enablers, LAC @Mastercard
3:20 pm
Reverse Pitch: Enablers to consider for your business
CEO @ Swap 🇧🇷
CCO & Co-Founder @ Pomelo 🇦🇷
Chief Business Officer @ Tutuka
SVP Business Development @ Galileo-FT
4:00 pm
Fireside Chat: The Second Generation of Fintech in Latam
CEO @ N26 Brazil 🇧🇷
4:30 pm
How to engage with Mastercard? Part II
VP Fintech & Enablers, LAC @Mastercard
4:50 pm
Close remarks
Latam Top Fintech Influencer 🇨🇴
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