Digital Masterclass for Startups and Financial Institutions

Build your Neobank from scratch

Thursday, December 2, 2021
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
4:00 pm
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How to create my 'neobank' with Mastercard?

Sign up for our senior program to get updated on all the latest in neobanking business model building.

Who is it designed for?

Senior or mid-level executives who want to understand how the neobanking ecosystem operates. No professional experience in technology or the financial industry is required. Especially for:

  • Entrepreneurs in startups;
  • Managers in financial institutions who need to understand the challenges and opportunities offered by this type of business;
  • Managers of e-commerce platforms that consider the use or evolution towards Fintech in their businesses;  
  • Accountants, CFOs, managers of investments or financial advisors who need to become familiar with digital technology developments to  better manage clients;
  • Legal professionals who need to understand the regulatory landscape surrounding the Neobank industry;
  • Government professionals who need to understand the associated macroeconomic benefits and risks.
  • Manager and IT consultants seeking to understand the applications of these new business models;

What are you going to learn?

  • Know how to develop a business case in neobanking through unprecedented success stories in digital banking in terms of geographic growth, customer acquisition, valuation and its evolution in all the world, featured profiles, business models, core technologies and partnerships.

What does it include?

2:00 pm
Latam Top Fintech Influencer 🇨🇴
2:05 pm
Let's understand the market of payments in LAC and the innovation opportunities it brings
VP Fintech & Enablers, LAC @Mastercard
2:20 pm
How to be a player in the payments ecosystem?
Latam Top Fintech Influencer 🇨🇴
3:00 pm
How to engage with Mastercard? Part I
VP Fintech & Enablers, LAC @Mastercard
3:20 pm
Reverse Pitch: Enablers to consider for your business
CEO @ Swap 🇧🇷
CCO & Co-Founder @ Pomelo 🇦🇷
Chief Business Officer @ Tutuka
SVP Business Development @ Galileo-FT
4:00 pm
Fireside Chat: The Second Generation of Fintech in Latam
CEO @ N26 Brazil 🇧🇷
4:30 pm
How to engage with Mastercard? Part II
VP Fintech & Enablers, LAC @Mastercard
4:50 pm
Close remarks
Latam Top Fintech Influencer 🇨🇴
VP Fintech & Enablers, LAC @Mastercard
Director para nuevos flujos de pago @ Mastercard
Director, Commercial Products LAC at Mastercard
VP Business Development - New Payment Platforms @ Mastercard
Latam Top Fintech Influencer 🇨🇴
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Conoce cómo Mastercard está adoptando el cambio y fomentando el crecimiento de Fintechs en Latam
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Learn how Mastercard is embracing change and fostering the growth of Fintechs in Latam
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Apoyado por:
Conoce cómo Mastercard está adoptando el cambio y fomentando el crecimiento de Fintechs en Latam
Contacta al equipo
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